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Information on Overseas Sales

Welcome to the world of selling your overseas home at a fraction of the price payable if you market it via an agent local to the property!

An estimated 90% of house buyers now use the internet to search for a new overseas home (for example Zoopla and Prime Location) so if you are prepared to do the leg work yourself it is no longer necessary to use high street estate agents who charge expensive agency fees (to you or your buyer).

Our Overseas Advertise Service places you firmly in control of the entire process, which you pay for on a rolling monthly basis that can be changed or cancelled with only 30 days notice once your intitial block has expired. Whilst you are responsible for the photos, descriptions, viewings and negotiations, we are always here to support and help you with advice and information on request.  Please contact the office using our Overseas Enquiries form under the 'Contact' menu above if you are interested in enquiring further about our Overseas Advertise Service and we'll be back in touch to get you on the market as soon as possible!

So, how does the Overseas Advertise Service work?

  1. Take lots of photos of your property, buyers always say that the ability to see lots of photos is a key factor in helping them decide if they would like to view a property, so make sure you take plenty, paying particular attention to the bits you have always loved best - please enquire about our bespoke Service if you require help with this bit
  2. Write a detailed description, including measurements, of each room and again remember what made you fall in love with the property when you bought it and make sure you include these thoughts and feelings in your text. Make your descriptions honest and your measurements accurate but above all make it sound appealing!  Please enquire about our bespoke Service if you require help with this bit too
  3. Estimate the value of your property - we will provide feedback on this valuation if you require, or if you have our bespoke Service we can do this bit for you
  4. Drop us an email at the Overseas email address with the property description and up to 10 photos per email (send multiple emails if you have more than 10 photos, remember you can have up to 50 on your adverts!).  Please also give us your correspondance address, the full postal address of the property you wish to advertise (if different) and a phone number you can be contacted on.
  5. We’ll be in contact shortly after receiving your emails to arrange payment and within a few short hours after that your property will be up for sale on our website and all the major portals, confirmation of which we will send to you by email.

Our fees for the Overseas Advertise service are monthly in advance and can be bought month by month or in blocks as follows:- 

  • Standard monthly fee €24
  • Block of 3 months €60 (equivalent monthly rate of €20)
  • Block of 6 months €96 (equivalent monthly rate of €16)
  • Block of 9 months €108 (equivalent monthly rate of €12)

This buys you advertising on the following major portals (Zoopla Overseas and PrimeLocation Overseas) as well as on our own website for whatever duration you decide to opt for plus the ongoing support of our team based in the UK. Furthermore, if you need to extend your advertising following the expiry of your initial term, additional months will be at the monthly rate you have been used to!

Any leads that come through by email or on the phone will be forwarded to you promptly by email to allow you to contact the potential buyer yourself to arrange a viewing - Don’t forget the advice below when you're doing the viewings!

Tips for selling your house (sorry if we’re teaching you to suck eggs but we’re trying to cater for all experience levels!)

  1. Remember when selling your property even if you have fallen out of love with it don’t put people off by showing this.
  2. Put lamps on, make the beds, have the fire on (subject to the season of course), offer a coffee.
  3. Make sure the house is clean and fresh-smelling. Clean the windows - you’d be amazed the amount of light a grubby window absorbs.
  4. If your house is on the small size - cottage, apartment etc - you can make it feel less crowded by saying “Why don’t I give you a quick tour then I’ll leave you to have a good look on your own and if you have any questions I'll be outside / making a coffee (would you like one?)” because people tend to make their decision within the first 20 mins of a house viewing and if they are on their own then that’s even more true. Also, if they then ask lots of questions that’s a clear ‘buying signal’ so be sure not to put them off at this stage by being negative or by over-selling.
  5. Remember these people have gone to some trouble to come and view your house, so be kind, enthusiastic and open up but if you over sell it you may come across as desperate, so keep calm!
  6. Negotiate the sale with your potential buyer and don’t forget to let us know when you have sold it so we can mark it as such on all the web portals - and stop sending you leads!

Please don’t hesitate to ask for advice at any time during the process, good luck and thank you for considering The Property Booth Overseas to help you sell your overseas property.